We proudly present our WASOC
members' dogs & their new titles earned in 2017!
(ukc)UCD,UCDX,UR02 Catori's Stargazer (asca)BN,RM,CDX,(akc)CGCA,RE,BN,CD,TKA
(nadac)IAC -  owned by Cindy Ruth

"KC" - Titles earned in 2017 - AKC:  TKN, TKI, TKA    UKC:  URO2
           (2016-ASCA#15 Open Obedience Aussie in the USA, 10th at            ASCA National Finals 2016.........2016-AKC/USASA#7 Open Obed. Aussie in USA

Wasatch Rocky Mountain High(asca)OTCH,UD,

-  owned by Noelene Byars

"Rocky" -  Title earned in 2017:  ASCA OTCH

Magicgold Happy Highland Rascal(asca),CDX,RMX,

-  owned by Noelene Byars

"Rascal" - Titles earned in 2017:  AKC - PCDX
Eligible for the Rally National Championship
in Georgia in March 2017.

Marlon's BFC Trace (asca)BN,CDX,RM
Papillon - owned by Colleen Colenso

"Nicky" - Titles earned in 2017:
asca:  RM  akc: GN   ukc:  UCDX

Int'l CH U-CDX Hotwires Gitalong U Renegade
-  owned by Woujie Mailer

"Gader" - Title earned in 2017:  AKC RN

Int'l CH Tri Star Cimarron of Granada(asca)RNX,BN,DNA-VP
- owned by Debbie Voelker

"Smokey" - Titles earned in 2017:  ASCA  BN     AKC  RN   

Granada's Hong Tian Ma(asca)RM,TD,UD
- owned by Martha Ho

"Tian Ma" - Titles earned in 2017:    ASCA UD    AKC  RE

Imagineer Secoya of Granada(asca)CDX,RM(akc)CD,GN,RE
- owned by Debbie Voelker

"Annie" - Title earned in 2017:  ASCA CDX

RaineDance Designer Genes(asca)CDX,RNX,RAX,JSN
- owned by Rick Anderson

"Calvin" - Titles earned in 2017:

ASCA 2016-17 Merit Rankings:  #1 Novice Rally,
#2 Novice Obedience

AKC/USASA  2017 Rankings: #1 Open A Obedience,
#1 Advanced B Rally, #1 Started Sheep,
#2 Novice B Rally, #6 Novice B Obedience.

RaineDance Kiss of Royalty(asca)STDds,CD,RNX,RSE,JSE,GSE
- owned by Rick Anderson

"Kate" - Titles earned in 2017: 

ASCA 2016-17 Merit Standings:  #8 Open Reg. Agility,
#9 Open Novice Jumpers Agility

AKC 2017 Rankings - #1 Beginner Novice B Obedience